• The Boyd Family History
    The story of a pioneer family, from New York to Nebraska and on to Birdsview, Skagit County Washington Territory- written by Mabel Boyd Royal-Steen, edited by Lee Ware and arranged by Noel Bourasaw at the Skagit River Journal

  • The Boyd Story
    written By Norman Boyd

    By Dan Royal
  • The L.A. Boyd Family in Nebraska
  • The George Savage Family in Iowa
    By Dan Royal
  • END NOTES 1890-1899
    "Where Have All the Children Gone" By Dan Royal
  • Joe and Annie Laurie (Boyd) Hoyt, Chapter 1, including a history of the Boyd and Hoyt families back to colonial days, and the story of their Prairie mill. Just for fun, you'll read about the Battle of Bunker Hill, Paul Revere's Ride, Benedict Arnold and high school in Paris, along with round-the-world sailing trips and shipwrecks at sea. Shared from the Skagit River Journal archives of Subscribers Edition online.

    Remembrances By Her Granddaughter
    Alcina Allen Harwood

  • John Boyd Joins the U.S. Army
    Profile on the life of John J. Boyd
    by Lee Ware
    posted 25 May 2003

  • Boyd Family Reunions
    posted Jan.2003

  • Profile of Norman Lewis Boyd 1884-1969
    posted November 2002

  • The Boyd Family Scrapbook
    a pictorial history and timeline of a pioneer family.

    Links to the individual webpages for the 14 Boyd children below
  • Mabel-Life & Times

  • Serializing the life and times of Mabel Boyd Royal-Steen; stories written by Mabel Boyd Royal-Steen, annotated and edited for the website by Dan Royal.
  • Alcina Allen Harwood

    I just recieved a call from the family of Alcina Harwood that their mother and grandmother passed away yesterday evening 26 November 2005. This is a heartbreaker for us here at our home as Alcina was a sweet and tender teacher, friend and (L.A. Boyd) family cousin, she also enjoyed being a great source of information on the family lore. She will be truly missed.
  • A few years ago Alcina shared this story about her grandmother, Eva Jane (Boyd) Hoyt.

    "Mrs. Harwood was not only my mother's cousin, she was my First Grade Teacher! I just loved her! She was patient and so very kind. My mother named me Linda Jo Snell, but always called me "Jo" after her brother Joe Hoyt. When I first started School, things were very strict. Girls were required to wear dresses at all times, and teachers refused to call children anything but their proper names. My kindergarten Teacher called me "Linda". But, Alcina was kind enough to call me by the name I was comfortable with. She called me "Jo". It was a kindness that was very important to a young child, who had not been far from her mother's lap! After First grade, I had to endure 3 more years of using my proper name, until fate again intervened, and I had the good fortune to be assigned to Bernie Leaf's 5th grade classroom! I knew Bernie well, and she could not call me anything but "Jo-Jo"! " With gratitude, (Linda) Jo Cruse Note: Berniece (Hoyt) Leaf is another Boyd family cousin.

    In Memorial: Lewis W. Boyd 1927-2003
          Boyd Family and descendants have sadly lost another senior member in a relatively short period, following the passing of Norman Johnson. I fortunatly got to do a terrific telephone interview with Lew in the fall of 2001 which help shed some light on his life and the life of his father, John Boyd.
          While older brother of John, James Boyd had one son, Frank. Frank sadly passed at the age of 54 in 1949, without leaving children. John turned out to be the only male in the L.A. Boyd family to leave us a direct line of male descendants. Lew Boyd's son Bob Boyd has 3 sons fortunatly to carry on a direct line of males.
          Our condolances and affection to Lew Boyd's widow Ruth and family for the passing of their loved one.
  • Link to Lew's obituary
  • Link to obituary for Gladys Pape Miller
  • Archie Gordon

    James Torrey

    Annie Laurie

    Eva Jane


    Grace Clara

    Mary Olive
    "Maud" Boyd


    Lillian Boyd

    Norman Lewis

    Thomas Jarvis

    Mabel Florence

    John J.

    "Nelli" Boyd

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